Age features of bronchial asthma in children dissertation

Age features of bronchial asthma in children dissertation custom papers for masters thesis

The asthma case definition that was used in this study contributed to better identification of children with asthma, who would otherwise have been missed using a history of audible wheeze alone. Two Surveys Ten Years Apart.

Asthma is the most common chronic childhood illness, with rapidly increasing prevalence in low-income countries. Other studies from Africa have made similar observations establishing associations between EIB and allergic sensitisation. They defne the role of specifc diagnostic and treatment modalities in the diagnosis and management of patients [ 1 ], this is done through describing a range of generally accepted approaches for the diagnosis, management, or prevention of specifc diseases or conditions and defning practices that meet the needs of most patients in most circumstances. The number of disability-adjusted life years DALYs lost due to asthma worldwide has been estimated to be currently about custom header in thesis million per year [ 2 ]. The case definition of bronchiolitis was based on South African guidelines [ 14 ] for diagnosis, management and prevention of acute viral bronchiolitis. Currently, there is insufficient data on the national burden of asthma in Ghana. Similarly, there was no association between exclusive breastfeeding and asthma.

The overall aim of this thesis was to study the factors influencing the risN of wheeze at age years, Asthma symptoms in early childhood – what happens children. The strongest risk factors for current asthma at ages and

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